Operating Budget Profit & Loss Spreadsheet

Have a business that you need to organize and clarify expense for the purpose of an operating budget? We got you!

Gather all of your business figures together.

This spreadsheet helps to prepare a projected profit and loss account as part of your Business Operating Budget, in a basic format suitable for any business plan.

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operating budget profit and loss

What aspects should be considered when developing an Operating Budget?

The main components we have listed in our basic operating budget are as follows:

#1 Revenue

The company’s sales, the cost of those sales, and the gross profit represent the areas of revenue listed on the profit and loss spreadsheet above.

#2 Overheads

Overheads are your overhead costs. Basically any expense that is paid for by the business in addition to the cost of sales. This can include production, promotional costs, general expenses, etc.

#3 Tax on profit

We all have to pay them. Time to notate them on your within your regular expenses. They should be accounted for as well.

#4 Drawings

Drawings would be any additional withdraws from profit that you may use as the business owner that are not otherwise mentioned above.

Profit retained in business is essentially what you walk away with after all of your expenses are accounted for. You can use this budgeting profit and loss template as a way to fine tune your operation, and see that bottom line grow as you organize yourself and your expenses.

This operating budget profit and loss spreadsheet is a basic template to start and develop your own personalized version that suits you and your business. Operating budgets a key factor to a successful business, as is organization. Get organized with your operating budget, and be sure to check out other cool personal finance tools and business finance tools that we have available throughout FundHungry.com!

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