Side Hustle – 4 Easy Ideas to Start Today

side hustle

Side Hustle – 4 Easy Ideas to Start Today

1. Sell your stuff online

Having a side hustle is easy with sites like Thredup and Poshmark. Thredup makes selling your women’s and kid’s clothing items easy. Order a free ‘clean out bag” from the site provided with a prepaid shipping label. They will process your items and send you an e-mail with the amount your item’s are worth for resell on their site. Thredup does only accept certain brands and used clothing in pristine condition but, the site is worth checking into as a side hustle.

Poshmark is a free app that makes selling your used clothes a good side hustle. Poshmark allows you to set your own price point for the item’s you want to sell. You take a picture of your item’s and list them on the site. Once the item is bought, Poshmark will e-mail you a shipping label to ship your item’s to the buyer. Poshmark will calculate your selling fee before listing.

Sell anything on Mercari. List item’s you want to sell and your price point. Once the item sells you will receive a shipping label to ship item’s to your buyer. Mercari takes a small percentage from your sale for a selling fee. Mercari makes selling anything an easy side hustle for anyone.

2. Drive for Lyft

If you want or need a flexible schedule you can earn a decent amount of money becoming a driver for the ride-share program Lyft.

3. Use affiliate marketing for your blog or website

Create a site, promote services or products and earn commission from the services or products you promote. Sites like VigLink offer commission based partnerships with numerous merchants around the world.

4. YouTube

YouTube is huge and isn’t going away anytime soon. Youtubers have made thousands to millions every year doing anything from filming game play to opening toys. Set your channel. Make sure you are uploading consistent content and responding to comments regularly. Make sure you have set your account to allow YouTube to include ads in your videos.