Simple Living

Simple Living

What is simple living? The term doesn’t have a specifically tailored definition. A simple lifestyle means different things to different people. But, this type of lifestyle takes finding what is important in your life, and living without the rest to improve your quality of life.

We have become accustomed to mindless consumption. We buy things we don’t need because we compare ourselves to other people and what they have. We buy things because we rely on material things to “fix” problems and cure our stress. But, in reality the accumulation of stuff we don’t need is cluttering our homes and our minds. Living a simpler life can improve your quality of life by reducing stress, becoming self sufficient and financially stable.

How to live a simple life and save money

A lot of extra expenses comes from food. Eating out costs an average household over $3,000 a year. Making more food at home can put that money into a savings account with a nice interest rate.

If it’s not eating out, the other expense from food is at the grocery store. When you plan your menu for the week or do food prep for a month. You save a lot of money. This is often one of the first areas discussed when people are asked how they save so much money. Using your favorite store reward and loyalty programs and cash back apps, like Ibotta can add up to a decent savings.

Growing your own food is also a great way to save on food expenses. A lot of people that are trying to embrace a simpler life are growing their own food creating self sufficiency and saving money.

Simple thrifty living

Buying used for basic necessities creates less waste in general. You can buy almost anything used through garage sale or online websites like Mercari. Poshmark is another online website that gives you great deals on used clothing.

Relying on google and YouTube for household and car maintenance issues can save you thousands a year. You probably don’t have the experience or knowledge to know how to fix every car and house issue. But, you will find a lot of free information through these websites, and you may be surprised what you can actually do yourself, without the extra labor cost.

Teach yourself to sew if you don’t know how. YouTube and google are also helpful resources here. Mending your own clothes will save a lot of money and reduces waste.

Living a simple life with little money

Cutting the cable and satellite services. Netflix makes saving on entertainment easy with their popular streaming service. Switching to Netflix can save you hundreds.

If you have two cars try to make it work with only one. This will create significant savings on insurance and gas.

Downsizing your home, if possible, is a great way to save money, declutter your mind and home and live a simpler life.

Embracing simplicity

The idea of adding value to your life without adding things comes in different forms. Some of the ideas will work for some people and not for others. Downsizing your home may work for you but, may not work for someone else. The best way to work towards a simpler life is finding the important things that better your life. If it isn’t a necessity and doesn’t add value to your life, you can live without.